Quora Topic Selection Step

The topic selections step is one of Quora's most important steps in its sign up flow because it gives us some signal as to what the user would like to see in their feed. I was tasked with re-designing it to try and clean up the design and, ideally, drive more topic follows. This ended up being no easy feat as the step was very sensitive to changes and even seemingly safe changes met with metrics pitfalls. It took me months to get this step into a state where it was visually updated and metrics positive (each experiment had to last a minimum of two weeks to get sufficient power). I included it in my portfolio because I think persistence is an essential trait for any designer to have and this work demonstrates my willingness to persist through many challenges. 

Something important to note is that Quora expects their designers to implement what they design. So in this case I designed the various iterations and implemented them using Python, Javascript, and SCSS. 

Client: Quora
Role: Product Designer